Brand : KONAMI®
Model No : 12028#2578
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  • Remember the arcade classic video game Track & Field?
  • Well Konami® has updated the game and turned it into one of those hot games that just hooks up to your TV.
  • Instead of the blister-inducing button mashing of the 1980s arcade game, the new Track & Field Challenge actually comes with a two-player foot controller mat that makes you actually work up a sweat when you play.
  • There are ten (10) different events including the 100m dash, long jump, javelin throw, hurdles and more.
  • The game will even track how many calories you’ve burned when you play.
  • So if your kids need to get some exercise, and just can’t wait for Wii's prices to come down, Track & Field Challenge is for you and is available now.
  • The 10 events include the 100 Meter Dash, Long Jump, Triple jump, Javelin Throw, 110m Hurdles, Hammer Throw, and High Jump each feature a qualifying time or level.
  • Try to break the world record by yourself or challenge a friend to a race.
  • Two players can play on one mat controller.
  • Failing to achieve that time or level will result in a big fat 'Game Over' screen.
  • Are you up to the Track & Field Challenge? Go for the Gold!
  • Features:
    • Just plug and play!
    • NO game system required!
    • 10 different events at different levels
    • For 1 or 2 players (2 players can play at the same time)
    • Plugs directly into your television (10 games already downloaded)
    • RCA Audio/Video jacks included
    • Loads of fun for the entire family