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  • Shrek fans will love having their favorite characters come to
    life with this interactive picture book and slide projector from

  • Along with a full-color Shrek 2 movie storybook, this title book includes
    a mini DVD projector that can play beautiful still pictures on any wall in the

  • Each page in the book match the more than 50 pictures you can view with
    your new slide projector!

  • As an anniversary present for Shrek and Fiona, Donkey throws a big
    surprise party and sets up the slide show to end all slide shows!

  • All the fairy tale characters from the Dreamworks' movie Shrek 2 including
    Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, The Big Bad Wolf, the Three Blind Mice, Puss
    In Boots, and Fiona's parents, the King and Queen are on hand to help.

  • They all gather at « the swamp, deep in the forest, outside of Shrek
    & Fiona's cottage, just before sundown » for the big event.

  • Now you can help Fiona and Shrek relive their exciting life together by
    following along with this funny interactive storybook.

  • There is a reading light on the side of the projector, which allows
    children to read in a darkened room.

  • The format of this kit allows children to store the projector and disks
    alongside the book.

  • Children will enjoy inviting friends over to see the Shrek & Fiona
    slide show

  • Includes one book, one plastic slide projector and 3 mini DVDs (54 images

  • Requires 2 « AA » batteries (not included)