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  • Join the jungle chums for a rumble in the jungle in these four delightful
    interactive storybooks.

  • This Rumble in the Jungle series features Greedy Gator, Shy Giraffe, Noisy
    Hippo and Smiley Dino.

  • Greedy Gator is always eating other animals' food. Then she eats Rhino's
    special sandwich…. Pull the tab to make Greedy Gator munch her way through
    the book.

  • Shy Giraffe's neck is sooooo long that he's no good at playing games. Then
    he discovers that it's just perfect for one game…. Pull the tab to make Shy
    Giraffe streeeetch his neck.

  • Noisy Hippo loves making a racket, but his friends just wish he would be
    quiet. Then he starts to sing…. Pull the tab to make Noisy Hippo shout his
    way through the book.

  • Smiley Dino loves showing off her big sharp teeth, but she's always
    scaring her friends with her toothy roars…. Pull the tab to make Smiley Dino
    roar into life.

  • Features:
    • Delightful stories
    • Vivid illustrations
    • Wild pull-tab surprises
    • For ages 3 and up