Brand : HT
Model No : HT-2877#1795
Stock :25
Retails : $99.95
Our Price : $49.8
Weight : 4
  • Modeled after British torpedo ships in the latter half of the 20th
    century, the HT-2877 RC Warship is ready to amaze you with its agility and
    detail right out of the box.

  • Carefully detailed from the gun turrets to the lighted control
    bridge, the HT-2877 RC Warship is a great addition to your military RC

  • The HT-2877 comes complete with everything you need including the 9V
    battery for the controller, and the rechargeable 6V battery and charger.

  • The twin propellers are powered by 2 powerful motors which
    are controlled from the fully functional dual joystick transmitter to
    provide top speeds with forward, reverse, left and right turning functions.

  • Measuring 20 inches long this craft is perfect for pools, small
    ponds, rivers and lakes.

  • Features:
    • Full Function Radio Controlled
    • 9v Battery For Controller (Included)
    • 9.6v Battery Pack (Included)
    • Remote Controller (Included)
    • Remote Distance: 100 Meter
    • Detailed Exterior
    • Factory Assembled Ready to Run
    • 2 Powerful Motors
    • Powered By A 380 Type Racing Motor
    • Prof. Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery & Quick Battery Charger
    • Vector-Push Design Easy To Be Controlled