Brand : KIDSWAY®
Model No : 9143#2479
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Retails : $129.95
Our Price : $69.76
Weight : 9.25
  • For young rap artists or DJs in the making, this Scratch CD Mixer is a great addition to any party.
  • The Kidsway® DJ scratch CD mixer can record music and sound effects with the use of a cassette tape or a CD, each of which has its own set of controls.
  • Slow down or speed up the tempo of the music and there are sliding controls for the balance, tone and echo to simulate professional music mixing.
  • Young DJs get to scratch, mix and match sounds with five loop effects, five sound effects, balance, tone and echo controls.
  • The spinning disco ball creates the right atmosphere with spinning lights everywhere!
  • Also included in the box for DJ hopefuls are the microphone and head mic.
  • Playrooms instantly turn into nightclubs with this DJ scratch CD mixer from Kidsway®
  • Features:
    • CD player
    • FM Radio
    • 5 loop effects dance, hip-hop, reggae, trance & Bass loop
    • 5 sound effects
    • Tone, balance, echo
    • Professional Sliding
    • Numerous DJ Controls
    • Spinning Disco Ball with light effects
    • Cassette recorder and cassette player
    • Includes microphone and head mic
    • Professional sliding DJ controls for balance, volume, tape and echo
    • CD line for CD player
    • Tempo up/down
    • Requires 6 x C batteries – not included
    • Measures 21″L x 11.5″W x 5.5″H