Brand : STANLEY®
Model No : 51-000#1782
Stock :1
Retails : $36.57
Our Price : $37
Weight : 3.5
  • With a larger sweet spot, shock reduction grip and a unique head
    shape for better balance, this Stanley® 22-ounce AntiVibe graphite framing
    hammer hits the nail on the head.

  • Stanley's 22 ounce framing hammer is the most popular hammer with all
    contruction workers.

  • A patented tuning fork design and graphite core reduces harmful

  • The head has a magnetic nail holder for setting nails.
  • This hammer has unsurpassed balance and temper and an enlarged handle to
    help reduce gripping fatigue.

  • Features:
    • Forged and heat-treated head for increased durability
    • Rim temper reduces incidence of chipping or spalling
    • Flared head design results in a larger striking surface for better nail
      driving performance

    • Specially designed magnetic nail starter for one-handed nail setting
    • Jacketed graphite core adds strength and durability in the handle while
      providing the feel of wood

    • Checker face design increases control and accuracy when driving nails
    • Slip resistant grip even when wet.
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