Brand : PHILIPS®
Model No : CD4452B#2508
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Retails : $149.95
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  • The Philips® DECT-4452B cordless phone makes the most of DECT 6.0 technology with a crystal clear signal that provides the best possible sound quality ever!
  • With voice clarity as clear as a face-to-face conversation, the Philips® CD4453B 6.0 Dect cordless phone puts the emotion back into a call.
  • The HD sound brings you and your feelings closer to your friends and family.
  • Thanks to advanced digital technology, calls are undisturbed by interferences from other devices.
  • Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear.
  • This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or take notes during a call.
  • The unique acoustic design provides a high-quality, rich communication experience.
  • Enjoy high quality conversation, with a level of clarity never heard before.
  • Thanks to a high-quality speaker and to an acoustic chamber, the audio spectrum reaches far beyond what's normally heard on a telephone.
  • Transmitting the signal through a dedicated telephone frequency, this system proves that channel searching and interference with Wi-Fi are a thing of the past.
  • Features:
    • DECT 6.0 technology operates in a voice dedicated spectrum to avoid Wi-Fi interference
    • Digital answering system with 15 minutes record time
    • Multi-handset system has the newest and lowest traffic spectrum available
    • Cordless phone boasts polyphonic ringtones to distinguish one phone from the other
    • Telephone features second handset allowing use in two rooms
    • Speakerphone feature enables hands-free conversations.
    • Four-line digital display provides more data and better clarity
    • Digital encryption ensures privacy, reduces identity theft risk
    • Battery charging indication Call Management
    • Operate up to four additional phones from a single base station
    • 120 duplex channels mean crystal clear calls
    • Virtually interference-free operation
    • Call Waiting/Caller ID
    • Conference Call
    • Explicit Call Transfer
    • Microphone mute
    • Signal strength indicator
    • GAP Dialing
    • 50 Phonebook -100 names and numbers
    • Desk or wall mountable
    • Battery – 750 mAh AAA NiMH
    • Standby time – Up to 150 hours
    • Talk time – Up to 12 hours
    • 1 Year Warranty