Brand : SONY®
Model No : SPP-A2780(R)#1294
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Retails : $189.95
Our Price : $96
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  • This high powered digital 2.4 GHz spread spectrum phone system from Sony® is perfect for any home or small office. This sleek system was designed with convenience in mind.
  • The expandable phone system allows you to have up to 4 cordless handsets in four seperate rooms without the need for extra phone jacks.
  • With features such as variable speed playback and direct message access which allows you to skip over unwanted messages, the digital tapeless answering system provides reliability and performance unmatched by any analog tape system.
  • Features include:
    • Digital spread spectrum 2.4 GHz
    • Corded phone on base and cordless phone with remote charger
    • Built-in digital answering machine with up to 20 minutes of recording time
    • Expansion capability (up to 4 cordless handsets)
    • Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID displayed on base and cordless handset
    • 70 Caller ID memories
    • 100-entry personal directory
    • 2-way paging and intercom
    • Base speakerphone
    • Lighted keypad on handset
    • Jog dial control on base and cordless handset
    • Belt clip