Brand : DAISY®
Model No : AS600#2552
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Retails : $92.00
Our Price : $59.76
Weight : 7.25
  • Remember the great carnival arcade games with the targets that moved back and forth?
  • The Daisy® AirStrike Model A600 Kit includes the pistol with an integrated laser, moving target gallery and 500-count soft air ammo.
  • Best of all, it has an integrated laser sight and when you squeeze the trigger slightly, you activate the laser.
  • Once the laser beam is on target, just shoot a round or several rounds.
  • You can choose to shoot single shots or to shoot automatic bursts!
  • The battery operated target traveler moves back and forth on the length of the trap.
  • With every hit it speeds up and, with every miss, it slows down!
  • When you shoot the target, it falls down, resets and then speeds up!
  • A mesh backstop is included and lets you retrieve and reuse your soft air ammo.
  • The target gallery is a large target area that measures 33.5″ x 13″ and has a mesh trap to collect ammo.
  • Loads of safe fun!
  • Features:
    • Single shot or fully automatic Air Soft Pistol
    • 70-round internal magazine
    • 120-round hopper
    • Integrated Laser sight
    • Target moves back and forth
    • Target falls when hit, resets and speeds up after a hit
    • Target slows down again when missed
    • Automatic shutoff saves batteries
    • Choose from small, medium, or large targets (all included)
    • Large target area measures 33.5″ x 13″
    • Mesh trap retains ammo for reuse
    • Pistol Velocity 350 FPS or less
    • Moving target requires 8 'AAA' Batteries (not included)
    • For ages 16+ (unless under adult supervision)