Model No : PP750AC#1861
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Retails : $129.95
Our Price : $79.8
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  • The Whistler PP750AC power inverter will not leave you in the dark during
    the next major storm or on your next camping trip.

  • This 750 watt power inverter is heavy duty and ready to provide power
    for your lights, small appliances or laptop computer.

  • 1500 peak watts with microproccesor-controlled circuitry
    maximizes startup performance and starts more appliances.

  • Equipped with multiple built-in circuit protection features to ensure
    safety and efficiency.

  • Short circuit protection automatically shuts the inverter down until the
    short is removed.

  • An audible tone and LED indicator alerts when voltage drops below 10.0
    volts DC.

  • The overload protection shuts the inverter down when continuous draw
    exceeds inverter rating.

  • The inverter is equipped with an LED indicator and will automatically shut
    down if external temperature exceeds safe design parameters.

  • Easily installed by connected right to your car battery.
  • Convenient and durable handle and access to AC outlets make this converter
    portable and easy to use.

  • Features:
    • Aluminum anodized case
    • 3 standard North American 110v recepticles
    • High surge capability
    • High/low voltage protection circuitry
    • Short circuit protection
    • Low battery alarm
    • Overload protection
    • Thermal cutoff/high temp LED