Brand : COBRA®
Model No : XRS9730 (R)#2565
Stock :793
Retails : $249.90
Our Price : $137.76
Weight : 2.0
  • Whether you commute to work or school on the freeway, drive for a living, or just like to go on an occasional recreational trip, the Cobra XRS-9730 Radar/Laser Detector is an invaluable addition to your motor vehicle.
  • Designed for the convenience of 24-hour use, the Cobra XRS-9730 has a bright, easy-to-read DigiView data display that can be dimmed for nighttime driving.
  • Measuring 4.88 x 3.01 x 1.44 inches and weighing just 6.74 ounces, the XRS-9730 can be set just about anywhere within easy view when you're driving, and then stored in your glove compartment when you're parked.
  • The XRS-9730 detects six different radar signals, including the Ku wavelength band that is widely used in Europe and that has been recently approved for use in the United States.
  • In addition, the XRS-9730 is completely invisible to the VG-2 and Spectre radar detector detectors while it alerts you if either the VG-2 or the Spectre is in use in your area.
  • The XRS-9730 is also sensitive to four different laser signals, and with its LaserEye feature giving you a 360-degree detection range, you'll always be able to tell if you're driving through a surveillance area.
  • And perhaps most importantly, for your own safety and the safety of other drivers sharing the road with you, the XRS-9730 detects two emergency alert systems to give you advance warning of road hazards, keeping you prepared when emergency vehicles are nearby.
  • In addition to detecting the Safety alert system, the XRS-9730, like most of Cobra's Radar/Laser detectors, offers Cobra's exclusive feature of detecting the presence of the Strobe alert system, which emergency crews use to control traffic signals.
  • Other features include a voice alert, a power-saving automatic shutdown when you turn your ignition off, and an easy-to-program menu.
  • So get the Cobra XRS-9730 Radar/Laser Detector for your car or truck, and you'll be prepared for just about anything when you're behind the wheel.
  • Features:
    • 12-Band Detection
    • Available Speed/Red Light Camera Location Alerts
    • Full Color ExtremeBright DataGrafix™ Display II
    • POP Mode Radar Gun Detection
    • Ku Band Detection
    • LaserEye®
    • Voice Alert™
    • VG-2 Alert®/ Undetectable
    • Spectre Alert™/Undetectable
    • Strobe Alert®
    • Safety Alert®
    • Auto Mute
    • IntelliMute® IntelliShield® False Signal Rejection
    • Digital Signal Strength Meter
    • SmartPower™
    • Car Battery Voltage Display
    • City/Highway Modes
    • Dim Mode
    • EasySet® Programming Menu
    • Stay Set Electronic Memory
    • Low Car Battery Warning
    • 8-Point Electronic Compass
  • In the Box:
    • XRS9730 12-band Radar Detector Unit
    • 12V DC Power Cord
    • Windshield Mounting Bracket with suction cups
    • Warranty