Model No : DP410#2534
Stock :13
Retails : $19.95
Our Price : $5.5
Weight : 1.25
  • These Unisonic DP410 dual pack calculators are a great
    tool for those who need dependable calculators for office work or
    on-the-go calculations.

  • One of the calculators can function in any light and automatically
    switch to battery power when it gets dark.

  • With its large 8-digit display, you can see the results clearly.
  • Features:
    • 1 battery powered calculator
    • 1 solar powered calculator
    • Both have large 8-digit liquid crystal display
    • Provides simple and convenient calculations for personal and
      professional use

    • Floating decimal point system
    • Auto power shut off function feature
    • 10-functions plus full-feature memory
    • Recall memory and percentage keys
    • Carrying cases included