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  • Sudoku is the addictive number puzzle that has taken the USA by storm and
    is now taking over the rest of the world.

  • It is branded by many as « the hottest puzzle since the Rubiks Cube ».
  • Over 1 million of the nation's favorite puzzles are crammed into one LCD
    Sudoku game.

  • Sudoko's so addictive it should have its own rehab program. It's
    Sudoku, the puzzle game that's gripped the nation.

  • This easy to use electronic gizmo has an incredible 1 million puzzles
    built in.

  • In case you've been living under a rock for the past year, here's how you
    play. While numbers are a big part of Sudoku, you don't need any mathematical
    skill to play.

  • Sudoku is a game of logic. Each game consists of a grid divided into nine

  • Each of these squares is divided into nine boxes. Your job is to fit all
    the digits from 1-9 into each square, making sure that each horizontal and
    vertical line on the main grid also has all these digits.

  • No repeats within a line or a square are allowed. Be careful one wrong
    number can ruin your whole game…

  • With the Sudoku Master Puzzle you can set a time limit for your game as an
    extra challenge, or a step count' to see how quickly you can complete a grid.

  • Should you get stuck, there's a Handy Hints option, or if you're really
    flummoxed, choose Auto Solve to see where you went wrong.

  • Great fun and great value, no fan of Sudoku should miss out on this game.
  • Studies show that playing Sudoku can improve memory, mind clarity, and
    even stop and prevent brain illnesses such as Alzheimer!

  • Therefore there are some scientists & researchers recommending playing
    Sudoku, as part of our regular daily activity.

  • Find out what everybody's talking about, join this exciting 21st century
    world phenomena, and start playing Sudoku today.

  • Features:
    • LCD console
    • Large back-lit display
    • Pencil-in feature
    • Over 1 million puzzles built in
    • Different levels of game play
    • Direct number input pad
    • 2 game modes – Timer/step count
    • Melodies for start and game over
    • Clock display
    • Helpful hints available
    • Auto Solve
    • Alarm function
    • Battery low warning
    • Instruction manual
    • For ages 4+
    • Dim: 6″ x 4″ x 1″
    • Uses 2 x 'AA' batteries (not included)