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  • Congratulations……. you are looking at the revolutionary long-lasting
    Better Brush cooking brushes that never shed, fray, stain, or lose their

  • These durable silicone bristles withstand heat up to 500° and never fall

  • Best of all they are easy to clean and stay odor free.
  • Evenly baste ribs, fish, chicken, steak, burgers, rack of lamb, vegetables
    and more.

  • Easily spread oil, butter, shortening or margarine on frying or baking

  • Great for egg wash and applying delicious marinades too!
  • These hygienic cooking brushes spread evenly and allow excellent control
    to avoid excess use of oil, butter, etc. for healthier, less greasy meals.

  • The long reach 14″ barbecue brush is great for spreading barbecue sauce on
    the grill.

  • Unlike ordinary cooking brushes, there is no more messy cleanup or food
    buildup at the base of the bristles.

  • All the benefits of traditional basting brushes without the hassles!
  • These brushes (as seen on TV) are simply the best cooking brushes you
    could ever use!

  • Features:
    • Won't burn, shed, fray, stain or retain odors
    • Better Brushes are made of high-heat resistant silicone that can
      withstand up to 500° of heat!

    • Better Brushes are completely hygienic for years of use
    • Simply rinse them under warm water or wash in the dishwasher
  • Includes 3 brushes: 7″ Pastry Brush, 8″ All-Purpose
    Basting Brush, and a 14″ Barbecue/Oven Brush