Brand : MR. VOICE
Model No : 9000#1765
Stock :140
Retails : $19.95
Our Price : $8.5
Weight : 1.25
  • Mr. VOICE is the personal digital recording device specifically designed
    to be used in your car.

  • How many times have you found yourself driving along when someone calls –
    you need to remember a phone number, street address, shopping list, something
    to do! What do you do?

  • If you're like most of us, you frantically look around the Car for
    something to write on and with.

  • Don't try to write it, record it! It's safer, It's easier!
  • Mr. VOICE mounts to your car visor like your garage door opener.
  • You simply push the record button, and talk out loud – while keeping your
    attention on the Road.

  • Bonus magnetic clip makes Mr. VOICE great for your home or office