Model No : JB4877#2577
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Weight : 3.0
  • Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your two-car garage too deep or too far to the side?
  • Then park like a pro, every time, with the Dual Laser-Guided Parking System.
  • Designed specifically for two-car garages, this automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the exact same spot time and time again with laser-beam accuracy!
  • Best of all, the parking system is easy to install, requiring only a Phillips screwdriver.
  • A built-in motion sensor detects when a vehicle approaches, triggering the Laser-Guided Parking System to emit two bright, vertical laser beams from a mounting location on the ceiling.
  • Mount the system using the included screws or double-sided tape, and adjust the individual laser beams to shine on each of the two cars in any location.
  • When you pull in to either space, you'll know exactly where to stop, because the laser will strike the same spot on your car every time.
  • Features:
    • Avoid hitting the back wall of your garage
    • Let the accuracy of a laser assist your parking
    • Avoid costly repairs to your bumper and/or garage walls
    • Never park 'too far' or 'too close' in your garage again
    • AC/DC Power or battery powered (9V Battery not included)
  • Includes:
    • Laser base
    • AC Power cord
    • Mounting tape
    • Mounting screws
    • Instructions