Model No : DCO-20#2492
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  • Protect your family and yourself from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning
    with this AC powered carbon monoxide detector/alarm.

  • This Lifetime carbon monoxide detector/alarm detects the presence of
    carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless and odorless compound which can
    be lethal.

  • If a high level of CO is detected, the Lifetime carbon monoxide detector
    sounds a 95dB alarm, giving you a chance to ventilate the area
    or evacuate.

  • This Lifetime carbon monoxide detector will alarm you if there
    is any type of faulty fuel burning devices in your home or business.

  • Carbon monoxide is produced from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and
    in the home (CO) can be formed by open flames, space heaters, water
    heaters, blocked chimneys or running a car inside an enclosed area.

  • When a alarm sounds, action must be taken immediately; at high levels,
    breathing CO gas is fatal within minutes.

  • With this Lifetime carbon monoxide detector installed in your home,
    you'll know you're safe with the most accurate sensor technology in the

  • So, keep your family safe, and your mind at ease with this the Lifetime
    carbon monoxide detector/alarm.

  • Features:
    • Perfect for homes, businesses, garages, workshops, cottages, RV's and

    • Highly sensitive sensor accurately detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) at low

    • Two-stage visual alarm levels (yellow and red)
    • Stage one: 35-50 ppm (Yellow Alert)
    • Stage two: 100ppm or higher (Red Alert)
    • Test mode
    • Self diagnostic sensing circuits
    • Easy installation
    • Includes AC adapter
    • Dim. 6 x 3.5 x 2.75″
    • 3-year warranty