Brand : U.S. PATROL
Model No : JB5322#2363
Stock :16
Retails : $40.00
Our Price : $32
Weight : 5.0
  • Don't just protect your home and family from thieves, scare them off with this alarm security bar!
  • Last year Police received thousands of reports of homes and businesses being burglarized.
  • The average loss was about $600 and your odds of being the victim of this crime are about 1 in 40.
  • Most burglars look for items that can be easily converted to cash. Electronics, jewelry, laptop computers, TVs, CDs and DVDs are frequent targets.
  • This heavy-duty security bar helps secure doors while an on-board alarm system emits a screaming siren or barking dog sounds to send would-be intruders running.
  • This simple, effective and affordable device provides instant security for home, office, dorm room, hotel rooms and more.
  • It's forged from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability and has a special sensor that triggers your choice of alarm sounds when the door knob is touched.
  • Adjusts from 29-43 in. to fit virtually any door.
  • No tools or installation required.