Brand : HARMON®
Model No : WCL100#2519
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Retails : $59.99
Our Price : $36
Weight : 4.25
  • This incredible Motion Wine Cooler from Harmon Technology® breaks through the limitations of a cooling process known as the ice bucket.
  • During the cooling process, the wine bottle actually moves evenly up and down and brings the chilled water to circulate around the bottle.
  • This speeds up the wine cooling process and allows the wine temperature to be dropped uniformly to ensure the exact chilled taste of wine.
  • With its unique motion design, this cooler combines wine cooling function and decanting function together.
  • Only in 5-8 minutes, the wine will reach its optimum serving temperature, its aroma enhanced and the harsh taste softened.
  • During operation, the motional bottle and streaming water give people endless imagination and enjoyment with greater desire for sharing the marvelous taste and splendid culture of wine.
  • This product is also applied to quick cooling other alcoholic beverages and even soft drinks.
  • With this Motion Wine Cooler, you can experience and share the rich essence of wine tasting for years to come.
  • Perfect gift item!
  • Click here for a reference video
  • Features:
    • Fastest, easiest to use wine cooler in the world!
    • Simple operation
    • Just add ice/water and turn on
    • Promotes proper chilling and decanting
    • Unique and elegant design
    • Chills bottles of wine in 5-8 minutes
    • Creates and attractive water fountain effect as wine is being chilled
    • Battery powered for indoor and outdoor use
    • Great for picnics and outdoor events
    • Requires 4 'AA' batteries (not included)