Model No : DJ-B2FL#2349
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  • Technical Pro s DJ-B2FL was created with the professional DJ in mind.
  • When the party gets going you want to be on the top of your game even in
    the most difficult conditions.

  • Usually that means making sure that your equipment is working to its
    fullest potential, but what if you re not operating at your fullest potential
    because it's too hot or dark?

  • The DJ-B2FL features fans, lights and put you back in control
    creating an environment where you can be at your best.

  • Technical Pro® mixers have a reputation for providing high quality audio
    and reliability, giving professional DJs the tools they need to expand their
    musical horizon, with capabilities for mixing, remixing, producing and

  • Incorporating features recommended by many professional DJs and club
    engineers, they raise the bar on flexibility and performance, with a built in
    10 band equalizer, echo & up to 6 sound effects.

  • Features:
    • Inputs: RCA (8 line sources), ¼ microphone, XLR microphone
    • Outputs: RCA (master, booth, record) ¼ (master)
    • 6 Sound effects with speed and volume control
    • Dual 10 band graphic equalizer
    • Convenient BNC input jack for use with fan or light
    • Blue LED output meter
    • Tone and level controls for microphones with talkover, cue and
      individual kill switches

    • Push button cueing with cue / program slide control
    • Individual gain control per channel
    • Headphone jack with individual volume control
    • Assignable smooth glide replaceable cross-fader
    • Dimensions: 19 w x 9½ h x 4 d
    • 110-220V Switchable