Model No : GF-211D#2556
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  • The #1 Rated Slant-Fin GF-211D 2 Gallon Germ-Free Warm-Mist Humidifier uses Ultraviolet Light to destroy those Pathogenic microbes before misting your room.
  • That results in more healthful humidity and overall total comfort at home.
  • As nights grow shorter, it's an assuring feeling that the air you breathe is as fresh as possible as you continue on toward another Spring.
  • Dual germicidal process of vaporization and ultraviolet light chamber reduces bacteria and mold that can breed in tap water by 99.999% and reduces spores that are highly resistant to boiling alone by 99.999%.
  • The Slant/Fin humidifier uses the same germ killing technology used in hospitals and hospital laboratories!
  • The Slant/Fin GF-211D ultravoilet warm mist germ-free humidifier is the most effective germ-killing humidifier available today for in-home use!
  • Features:
    • Helps to safely restore comforting, soothing moisture to dry room air
    • Helps relieve symptoms of colds, allergies and other respiratory conditions
    • Helps sooth dry lips, parched throat and chapped skin
    • Helps also protect furniture and keeps houseplants moist and healthy
    • Helps relieve static electricity and annoying shocks
    • Digital display for easy operation
    • Easy-to-grip handle for safe and secure lifting and carrying
    • Included medicine cup releases warm, soothing vapors
    • Designed to eliminate white dust that occurs when the minerals from tap water disperse into the air
    • 2 gallon capacity humidifies up to 24 hours continuously without a refill
    • Convenient wide-mouth container is easy to fill and handles regular tap water
    • Mineral absorption pads included to minimize mineral buildup
    • No harmful chemicals
    • Humidification Method: Warm Mist
    • Daily Output: 2 Gallons
    • Tank Capacity: 2.0 Gallons
    • Speeds: 2
    • Dimensions14.25'W x 8.25'D x 11.5'H
    • Slant-Fin 3 year limited Warranty