Brand : CONAIR®
Model No : HM11#2510
Stock :108
Retails : $39.95
Our Price : $20
Weight : 3.0
  • Your body needs a break from life's daily stresses, and this
    incredible massager from Conair® is the perfect solution for soothing tired,
    sore muscles.

  • Minor aches, pains and sore muscles become a thing of the past with this
    compact and lightweight massager.

  • Six massage attachments bring calming comfort to every ache and

  • The larger head is superb for broad areas like the back and shoulders.
  • Soothes every part of your body!
  • Features:
    • 2 vibration speeds (low-high)
    • 6 soothing and stimulating attachments for focused pain relief
    • Lightweight design
    • Easy grip handle
    • Extended 6' line cord
    • 1 year warranty