Brand : HUBB 2
Model No : CH-O1#526
Stock :15
Retails : $39.99
Our Price : $12
Weight : 1.75
  • Are They Real?
  • You'll Know But The Bad Guys Won't!
  • This simulated security camera makes crooks think your home is under
    surveillance, so they take the trouble somewhere else!

  • The motorized Hubb security camera will rotate left to right when movement
    is detected and will stop in 15 seconds.

  • Here s an easy, cost-effective way to help prevent crime at your home or

  • This Security Camera looks like the real thing … right down to the
    motion sensor that detects sudden movements and flashing red light.

  • But only you know it s really a cleverly disguised simulated camera!
  • The camera mounts in just a few minutes by doorways, patios, garages and

  • This is the most affordable security available today and is perfect for
    Retail stores, Entry ways, Loading docks, Offices, Garages and wherever you
    need security most!

  • For indoor use only (not waterproof).
  • Requires two 'AA' batteries (not included).
  • Features:
    • Motion detection sensor
    • Motorized pan movement
    • Activation light
    • Adjustable angles
    • Realistic apperance
    • No wiring nedded
    • Battery operated
    • On off switch