Brand : iONE®
Model No : M1A#1364
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Retails : $79.95
Our Price : $35
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  • The iOne® Gemini-M1A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse is
    simplicity at its best.

  • Now its easy for anyone to enjoy a great cordless keyboard and mouse.
  • The Cordless Desktop is affordable, simple to set up, and provides an
    ideal combination of features that make everyday tasks smoother and more fun.

  • The iOne Gemini-M1A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse
    features 16 Multimedia « Hot » buttons that include E-mail, networking and
    audio/video media.

  • The ergonomically designed keyboard allows for long periods of effective
    operation minimizing fatigue and increasing your productivity.

  • With a simple installation of the configuration program the roller button
    along with 2 side buttons on the optical mouse become « Hot » buttons for your
    favorite functions.

  • The wireless optical mouse is operational up to 5 feet away with
    high-resolution optical hardware that improves accuracy and records
    motion across any surface.

  • Features includes:
    • Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
    • Wireless Optical Mouse PS/2
    • Wireless Receiver
    • Configuration Software
    • 5 'AA' batteries included
    • User Guide
  • For use with IBM or Compatible systems with WIN 98SE, WIN 2000, WIN ME,
    WIN XP and VISTA