Brand : COBRA®
Model No : ANT-XTR#2558
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Retails : $49.95
Our Price : $17.5
Weight : 2.75
  • For a premium, magnetic-mount CB antenna, Cobra® delivers!
  • This 12″- 200-Watt CB antenna can be easily transferred to multiple vehicles and attached to your roof or trunk lid.
  • You can experience amazing sound quality from this antenna's 26-30MHz frequency range.
  • Cobra makes it easy to get on the air with the magnetic mount illuminated CB antenna.
  • Whatever your outdoor activity, Cobra's CB antennas are a great way to stay in touch with over 30 million other CB radios in use across the country.
  • Cobra's CB antennas dramatically improve the sound quality of the transmission and reception of CB radio signals.
  • This Cobra® CB antenna has NEON BLUE ILLUMINATION that lights-up when transmitting.
  • Features:
    • 10-foot braided coaxial cable
    • 300-watt power handling capability
    • 26-30MHz frequency range
    • Tunable whip
    • Quick disconnect
    • Scratch resistant base pad