Model No : DT3C#2537
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Retails : $19.99
Our Price : $11
Weight : 2.0
  • This Digital Timer from Intermatic® is an excellent choice for security
    and the holiday season.
  • Indoor timers add convenience by turning lights on when you need them and
    off when you don't.
  • They also give homes a lived-in look providing an economical way to
    improve home security.
  • This timer gives up to 7 on and 7 off programs per day
    or 49 on and 49 off programs per week.
  • It also controls lamps (including fluorescent), TV's, stereos and
    appliances and much more.
  • This Intermatic Digital Timer has easy-to-set programming
    and features a built-in rechargeable battery to hold your
    programmed settings!
  • It is an excellent choice for saving power and for home security.
  • Features:
    • Turn Lights On/Off Automatically
    • Control 7 Days & 7 Events
    • Program up to 7 on/off settings
    • Digital settings allow for exact time settings
    • Has built-in rechargeable battery to hold your settings
    • Easy-to-set programming.
    • UL and CUL Approved
    • 120VAC, 60Hz @ 3 Amps
    • 1000 Watts Resistive 3A
    • 600 Watt Tungsten
    • Clamshell Packaging